Second wild card would aid White Sox

CHICAGO – If there was a second wild card team in each league then the White Sox really would be in the thick of things.

Instead of being six games out of the division lead and 7 1/2 back in the current wild-card standings prior to Tuesday’s game, the White Sox would have been just a half game behind Boston for the second wild-card spot.

Different scenarios have proposed a playoff alignment in baseball that includes 10 playoff teams instead of the current eight, but it is unclear on how receptive the owners would be to such a change.

If it ever did happen, the most likely arrangement would be for the two wild card teams from each league to meet each other in an opening round.

One popular scenario has the two wild-card teams meeting in just a single game, with the idea that they burn their No. 1 starter for that game. That essentially gives them a handicap for not winning their division as they move on to the next round.

Since it would obviously be of help this year, the White Sox would be receptive to that kind of change, right?

“It’s going to be the NHL or NBA, where everyone gets in?” manager Ozzie Guillen said, initially sounding skeptical of the idea. “I think it’s fine. It’s fun. I wish more teams could be in the playoffs, but they did a good job to put the wild card in there and make it more interesting for more fans.”

Ultimately Guillen wasn’t ready to endorse such a plan.

“It’s fine the way it is,” he said.