Guillen not ready for shut-down mode

CHICAGO -– Now that the Twins have what basically amounts to an insurmountable AL Central division lead on the White Sox, it might be time for manager Ozzie Guillen to consider shutting down some players for the season.

Freddy Garcia (back), Bobby Jenks (forearm) and Gordon Beckham (hand) all could be candidates to become spectators over the final few weeks of the season. Guillen, though, isn’t ready to go that route with anybody just yet.

“Nobody is shut down,” Guillen said. “They are still making a lot of money. I still have a shot. Maybe it sounds impossible or crazy but yes, I still have a shot. I’m not giving up until the shot is over. Even when the shot is over with, you will continue to play unless you are hurt.

“As soon as this thing is over and the players don’t want to play, they know where to find me and say they are going to shut it down. I get paid to win games and win the most games we can. Players have to go out there for different reasons. There are a lot of different reasons to go out and play.

“I promise we will play hard and the right way no matter what.”