Manny is a mystery scratch

OAKLAND, Calif. -- The Chicago White Sox appear to have made a last-minute lineup change and failed to notify anybody.

Well, they at least seemed to inform the umpires.

Manny Ramirez was in the original lineup batting fourth as the designated hitter. When it was time for him to hit, the scoreboard showed Ramirez was up and the public address announcer even announced his name.

But Carlos Quentin came to the plate instead. He was followed by Tyler Flowers. Those were the original No. 5 and 6 hitters, who moved up a spot. Dayan Viciedo came to the on-deck circle after Flowers came to the plate, revealing himself as the new DH.

As of now, the White Sox have given no reason for the change, other to say that Ramirez is a healthy scratch.