Guillen apparently back with Fox

Looks like Ozzie Guillen will be back with Fox to provide some insight on the World Series, which begins Wednesday.

According to the Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times, Guillen will return for his second consecutive year as an on-air talent to help break down the teams vying for the title, in this case the Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants.

When the regular season ended, Guillen said he would be interested in hitting the Fox airwaves again but had not heard if he was wanted back. Fresh off a vacation to Europe, it looks like Guillen will indeed get that chance.

It gives the 2010 World Series even more of a White Sox flavor. Not only will Guillen be around, but former White Sox standouts Juan Uribe and Aaron Rowand play for the Giants. Both Rowand and Uribe were significant contributors when the White Sox won the 2005 title, when Guillen was in his second season managing the club.