White Sox anniversary is a high five

The White Sox swept the Astros five years ago to become the World Series champions. Rich Pilling/Getty Images

This year, the World Series hasn’t even started. Five years ago today it ended with the White Sox’s first title in 88 years.

Has it really gone by that fast?

October 26, 2005. Houston’s Minute Maid Park. Freddy Garcia on the mound. Two seemingly ragged teams on the field after playing 14 innings the previous day. Willie Harris’ pinch-hit single. Jermaine Dye’s RBI hit up the middle. Juan Uribe’s catch. Bobby Jenks’ save. Paul Konerko pocketing the ball. 1-0. Four-game sweep.

“Hopefully a lot of people were partying and they didn’t get too rowdy or in too much trouble,” A.J. Pierzynski said afterward. “But at the same time, I hope they lived it up and partied like it’s 1917.”

The White Sox posted 11 postseason victories in a span of 22 days and 12 games. They had one postseason victory over the next five years, missing the playoffs entirely in 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2010.

Konerko, Garcia, Jenks and Pierzynski all could be gone next season. Buehrle would be the last link to the 2005 champions, not to mention the coaching staff led by manager Ozzie Guillen.

Was there something to learn from that 2005 year? Not really. It was all about strong pitching, solid defense, a good bullpen and timely hitting. That recipe hasn’t changed. Aside from a few exceptions, it was an entire roster that delivered at least what was expected of them. Some delivered even more.

How long has it really been? Konerko’s son was born just before the World Series. His boy will enter the first grade next school year.