Reinsdorf chooses words carefully

GLENDALE, Ariz. – That “prediction” Jerry Reinsdorf made recently about the Bulls winning multiple titles in the near future took on a life of its own, so the man himself clarified things.

Reinsdorf said that he told the Chicago Sun-Times that there was ‘a chance’ the Bulls could win some titles down the road with the talent on the roster. Many news outlets got it right, but in some, Reinsdorf was told that his words started to change.

“Somebody said they read ‘Reinsdorf predicts’ in a headline,” Reinsdorf said Wednesday in a gathering with White Sox beat reporters. “I didn’t predict anything. All I said was ‘chance.’ ”

The White Sox have significantly upgraded their roster this season, so is Reinsdorf, the chairman of both the Bulls and the White Sox, willing to say that this team has “a chance” to win some titles down the road?

“[I’m] not going to make any predictions other than I think we are going to be very competitive,” he said.

Reinsdorf said he’s had issues making bold predictions in the past, which is why he is hesitant to do it now.

“I always go back to my famous prediction made to [Sun-Times reporter] Toni Ginetti in 1991, [when] asked where I thought [the White Sox] were going to finish,” Reinsdorf said. “I said it could be anywhere from first to sixth. She said, ‘What about seventh?’ I said, ‘No, Minnesota is going to finish seventh.’ And they won the World Series. So I don’t make any predictions after that.”