White Sox odds to win World Series: 20-1

CLEVELAND – Gotta hand it to the internet betting site bodog.com. Not that we advocate investing in your favorite team, but I would have probably looked up the betting odds on the White Sox this season - just for reference purposes, of course - when Bodog’s p.r. man e-mailed me the list last night. I swear I didn’t even ask.

The site has the White Sox at 20-to-1 to win the World Series, which is just about in the top quarter of all teams in baseball. Other teams with 20-to-1 odds are the Cardinals, Rangers and Twins, so there are definitely some good teams in this range. The only teams above this group are the Brewers (16-1), the Giants (12-1), Yankees (7-1), Red Sox (9-2) and the Phillies (13-4).

For the record, the Cubs are 35-to-1.

Other interesting prop bets for the season: Konerko over/under on HRs is 32.5. Dunn o/u on HRs is 40.5. Rios o/u on HRs is 19.5. For RBIs, here are some over/unders: Konerko (99.5), Dunn (105.5).

Here are some over/unders for pitching: Mark Buehrle (12 wins), John Danks (15 wins) and Gavin Floyd (11.5 wins).

There are even odds as to whether or not manager Ozzie Guillen will be on the bench for Opening Day of the 2012 season. Yes (minus-140), no (even)

So if the White Sox and Twins are both at 20-to-1 to win it all, is there a favorite to win the AL Central? Well yes there is. The Twins are at 3-to-2, just slightly more favored than the White Sox at 8-to-5. And before you get yourself all offended that the Twins are favored, just look at it this way: A bet on the White Sox to win (not that you should do that) simply pays more.

So thanks to Bodog p.r. man Jimmy Shapiro for sending this along. There are more White Sox related odds at the site.