Peavy's wild debut could be trigger

Jake Peavy needed 106 pitches to get through five innings on Wednesday against the Indians. Mike DiNovo/US Presswire

It was cold everywhere in Chicago on Wednesday night, except perhaps under Jake Peavy's black White Sox hat.

It was the kind of soggy early spring night that makes you wish you lived in, say, San Diego. But I bet if you cracked an egg on Peavy's forehead, especially during the fourth inning, it would have been like that old anti-drug commercial.

"This is your brain on hit batsmen and broken-bat singles."

Heck, if you put a solar panel on Peavy's forehead most games, you could power the exploding scoreboard and have enough juice to light up half of the Loop. He's kind of intense. Not in a Carlos Zambrano kill-the-dugout kind of way, or a Carlos Quentin kill-your-wrist kind of way, but it's safe to say he expects a lot out of himself every pitch.

Peavy couldn't have been pleased with himself after giving up three runs in the fourth inning to fritter away a 3-0 lead. Cleveland scored one in the seventh and one on the ninth to win 5-3.

Peavy's problem was that he was wild Tuesday -- not Jake Westbrook wild, but not certainly not effective. He walked two and hit two and threw 106 pitches to get through four innings.

"Obviously Jake wasn't at the top of his game," manager Ozzie Guillen said. "He was kind of wild a little bit."

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