Sore wrist won't sideline Konerko

SEATTLE -- Just over 12 hours removed from X-rays to check on what could have been a serious injury, Paul Konerko was back in the Chicago White Sox lineup on Sunday against the Seattle Mariners.

Konerko said he only has residual soreness one day after experiencing discomfort from what he calls a chronic injury.

“I have something in there that has bothered me for years and it’s as simple as something just gets into a little area in there and it’s irritating me and then it’s gone,” Konerko said. “I might not feel it for a month, or two or weeks on end, and then it pops back in there. Luckily it’s never really happened during a game.”

Not until Saturday night, anyway. He was eventually removed for a pinch hitter in the ninth inning.

“My one at-bat last night, when I was getting ready for the pitch, it clicked into that spot,” he said. “It was like, ‘All right.’ At this point, we don’t know. There’s obviously something that irritates me there. We don’t know what it is. We’ll find out. If anything would get taken care with it, it’s an offseason thing.”

Manager Ozzie Guillen considered resting Konerko, but ultimately went with his captain at first base.

“I trust PK,” Guillen said. “I know the way we play right now he wants to be out there.”

Konerko admitted he could experience the discomfort at any time, even picking up a glass of water at home. He just hopes to have better timing with it next time.

“You hope it doesn’t happen in a competitive situation, whether it be here or golf,” he said.