Konerko puts best foot forward on 5-hit day

SEATTLE -- Paul Konerko almost didn’t wear his pink cleats Sunday.

If the Chicago White Sox weren’t playing on the West Coast, where they could see other games in action before their started, Konerko might have pulled the plug on the cleats which were colored for breast cancer awareness.

But once White Sox players saw that others around the league also dared to go with pink shoes, Konerko’s teammates convinced him that he should give it a go.

He finished with five hits, tying a career high, raced home from second on a single to shallow left in the fourth inning and made the final putout of the game.

It’s gotta be the shoes. So will he petition the league to keep wearing them?

“It might have been the shoes, I don't know,” Konerko said. “But they were comfortable but they stood out. We've had a lot of Mother's Days and Father's Days where some [performances] were horrific. Today obviously was a good day.”

Mark Buehrle pitched eight solid innings, but got a no-decision. Would he have been better off wearing pink shoes Sunday?

“"I don't know if I could have got away with it, and If I could have, I don't think I would have worn them,” Buehrle said.

The only other member of the White Sox bold enough to go with pink footwear was first base coach Harold Baines. Manager Ozzie Guillen decided against it.

“The way I managing right now, no,” Guillen said. “If I was winning and in first place I wouldn't mind. I'd be embarrassed to go out there in pink shoes in our [current position]. When you're in first place you can get away with a lot of stuff. When you're in last place you better hide and make sure you don't do too much crazy things where people can see you.”