A day later, Guillen's anger subsides

BOSTON -- A day after he was infuriated over how his pregame gathering with reporters was portrayed, a calm, cool and collected Ozzie Guillen met the media at Fenway Park.

On Sunday, the Chicago White Sox manager was talking about how critics on television and radio and in the newspaper are quick to pile on when anything negative happens. Except somewhere along the line, his comments were taken as being directed toward White Sox fans.

Guillen fired a string of Twitter messages Sunday night, at one point saying he wanted to sue. By Monday evening he had put the whole thing behind him.

“It upset me because most of my quotes [in the stories] they don’t start with the quote [from] when the conversation started,” Guillen said. “ They only pick one stuff here one stuff there and boom.. I never get upset, I never get sad with the media because, hey, I have to say what I have to say.”

Guillen said that when the White Sox were in Anaheim earlier this season right after Angels manager Mike Scioscia picked up his 1,000 victory, his comments were taken out of context that day.

“Well, they made me feel like I’m a crazy person,” Guillen said. “I’m not a crazy person, I’m an outspoken person. I’m not crazy. I know what I say, I know what I do. In the past, when I make mistakes, I face it like a man. I never deny anything I say. But when you read that you’re like, ‘Why do people try to [do] that?’”

Guillen reiterated Monday that his comments were not directed at White Sox fans.

“Did it upset me? Yes, because it put me in the spotlight, talking about White Sox fans,” Guillen said. “The last thing I talk about when the team not playing good is the fans. That’s not a good combination. But I was upset because I feel like I’m stupid or crazy or ignorant. But it’s over with, a new day. I sleep well.”

Twitter did help Guillen vent and get his point across Sunday night. So is that part of the reason he has an account?

“I don’t use twitter that reason,” he said. “That’s why I have media and a [public relations] department. I am strong enough man and have enough guts when I make mistakes to face you guys the way people should be faced. … But every time I make a mistake and I think it’s a mistake, that’s what I have the media for.”