Guillen says Peavy courageous not reckless

CHICAGO -- Now the great debate becomes: Could Jake Peavy's latest injury have been prevented?

Peavy left Sunday’s game with a strained right groin, an injury that first surfaced in his previous start May 30 at Boston.

The White Sox knew about the groin soreness, but Peavy pitched anyway. Peavy said he was injured when covering first base early in the fourth inning, but continued to pitch. He gave up six runs in the inning and didn’t come back out for the fifth.

So was manager Ozzie Guillen disappointed Peavy stayed in? Or does he regret not taking him out?

“I wasn't disappointed because I should have seen it,” Guillen said. “I didn't see any difference. He's got a funky delivery. It’s just hard to see. I noticed in Boston he was a little tight. But we didn't know at all until the end of the [fourth] inning when he was walking back and I asked [trainer Herm Schneider] to make sure to check it out because I don’t see him walking the right way.”

There is a fine line between fighting through injury and deciding when it's time to step back and play it safe.

“This guy wants to be out there, this guy wants to help us,” Guillen said. “Besides, we're in the fourth inning and we were very short in our bullpen. Maybe that hopefully gave him another shot to come out of the inning.

“That's something you can't predict and that's something you can't get mad about because at least he wants to be out there. Not too many people when they're injured want to be out on the field. This kid does and hopefully it's not a big deal. [But] we will prepare for the worst.”

So did Peavy make things worse by continuing to pitch?

“He might,” Guillen said. “But as a manager, as a coach, as a teammate, what you can say? Nothing. Thank you. Thank you. At least I'm hurt and I still try to go out there to help you guys. If that was the case, I will thank you and appreciate that for the rest of my life because at least I have somebody that cares about the team, cares about us.”