Sox getting ripped off in broad daylight

MINNESOTA – The American League has been running in the White Sox all season and the Minnesota Twins weren’t about to stop that trend.

The Twins stole five bases Wednesday as pitcher Gavin Floyd and catcher A.J. Pierzynski were defenseless to stop them.

The biggest act of theft came in the third inning when Alexi Casilla and Michael Cuddyer pulled off a double steal. They both scored on a Delmon Young single. Cuddyer finished with a career high three steals in the game.

Floyd has been having trouble holding runners all season, but manager Ozzie Guillen came to his defense.

“Gavin slide stepped every time they took off,” Guillen said. “Unfortunately, those guys know how to run the bases. They’re pretty fast, nothing you can do about it.”

Well if it wasn’t Floyd’s fault, then that would leave the blame on Pierzynski.

In 41 base-stealing attempts against Pierzynski this season, he has thrown out seven runners. Floyd, meanwhile has not had a base stealer thrown out while he was on the mound in 15 attempts.

“We all know where we stand with the running game when Gavin is out there,’’ Pierzynski said. “Everyone knows where we stand, and it’s just part of the game.’’

Overall opponents have stolen 61 bases off the White Sox in 75 attempts. Of the 14 times runners have been caught, eight of those were on pickoffs.

“I think I’m pretty much trying as much as possible to keep them at first, you know?” Floyd said. “They just pick the right spots. It’s just the way it is.”