Beckham latest to get Guillen's tough love

CHICAGO -- Without a hit in his last 12 at-bats, and with just two hits in 21 at-bats over his last six games, Gordon Beckham was on the bench for a second consecutive day Monday.

“Sometimes, you lose that feel for a little bit,” Beckham said. “I think it’s been just a couple games, so I don’t know. I feel relatively good in flips, did some extra work today and hopefully I’ll get back in there Tuesday and get back on track.”

Beckham had a similar brief benching last season and promptly emerged from a brutal first half.

“That happened to him last year and I think he learned from that,” White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said. “But he's struggling again this year. I'm going to do the same thing I did ... if I did it to [Adam] Dunn and [Alex] Rios, I will do it to him. But it's a not a punishment thing.”

If anything, Guillen seems as if he wants the down time to be at least a little humbling.

“Try to play like a normal second baseman and hit like he's supposed to hit,” Guillen said of Beckham. “Don't believe in highs. Don't believe you're that good. You're not that good.

“That's the thing that happens when people talk about you like, 'wow'. Just go out and play the game and don't worry about what people say and don't worry about the marketing. Don't worry about 'I was good in college, I was good in Little League'. Just play your game. I think right now, mentally he's not there. That's why I'm going to give him a couple days.”