Chicago's Most Valuable Paulie

CHICAGO -- Change is in the air on both sides of town.

We've got empty seats at Wrigley Field, no idea if Ozzie Guillen and Jim Hendry will be here next season, no faith in Carlos Zambrano, no clue when Adam Dunn is going to out-homer Brent Lillibridge, and no guess when either team will be truly competitive, in a larger sense, again.

Call me crazy, I'm not buying the Sox competing in the American League until they get over .500.

The only sure bets are that Tom Ricketts' hair will be neatly parted and he'll be paying Alfonso Soriano until his contract runs out in 2035, that Jake Peavy will pitch again in Charlotte and Guillen will apologize again to someone.

And oh yeah, that Paul Konerko will continue aging better than Diane Lane.

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