Dunn vows a clean slate ... so far so good

July, 15, 2011
Padilla By Doug Padilla
DETROIT -- Some people worked hard during the All-Star break, while others got away from it all.

White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle admitted it was a working vacation. He rode the tractor the entire time, cutting tall grass around his Missouri ranch. At least it had an enclosed cab with air conditioning and a radio.

Adam Dunn did the opposite. After a first half that was filled with nothing but struggles and boos from the home crowd, he occupied his time with activities that centered around a swimming pool at his new Texas home.

“I can’t even put it into words,” Dunn said. “You go back home and kind of, I don’t want to use the words recharge your batteries, but you do. It’s amazing how good that I felt today, just mentally. I feel like it’s a new start.”

That is exactly what the White Sox’s staff had been waiting for, for Dunn to have a mental release. The only problem is that Dunn has maintained he was never pressing mentally.

“You know, I don’t really feel like or think I’m a real mental guy,” Dunn said. “It was just good to have a break to where your brain could just kind of relax. You didn’t have to worry about getting prepared for a game for four days. That was the best part of it. You know, now I feel almost refreshed and ready to go.”

Perhaps it did the trick. Dunn struck out in his first trip to the plate Friday against the Tigers’ Justin Verlander, but stroked a two-run, ground-ball single to right field in the third inning.

“I can’t take back what has happened,” Dunn said. “I don’t know how many games we have left. But what I can do is have an 80 or whatever games we have left season and that’s what I plan on trying to do.”

Doug Padilla

Chicago White Sox beat reporter
Doug joined ESPN Chicago in July 2010 and covers the Chicago White Sox for ESPNChicago.com and ESPN Radio 1000.



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