Sox remain silent on trade deadline front

CLEVELAND – All is quiet when it comes to White Sox trade rumors as the nonwaiver deadline sits just a week away.

Finances would appear to prohibit the White Sox from adding a significant piece to help over the final two months, but wouldn’t prohibit the club from becoming sellers.

It’s why the current series and the upcoming series against the Detroit Tigers are so important. It’s the last chance against division foes for the White Sox to make up ground. Conversely, if they fall flat over the next five games it has the potential to trigger a massive sell.

The latter still remains a long shot, with the White Sox possibly adding a right-handed arm to the bullpen mix, but not much else.

Manager Ozzie Guillen says he’s fine with what he has.

“You know what we need? Those guys to play right and play good. I think that’s my opinion,” Guillen said before Saturday’s rain-delayed game at Cleveland. “[They say] we got to go there and get this guy or that guy. But I think we just need those guys to play good and that’s good enough for me.

“If they start playing good, I don’t think we need anybody else. If we are not playing good, then [GM] Kenny [Williams] go a different way. If we don’t play good for the next couple of weeks, they could go a different direction.”

The White Sox won the series opener against the Indians and then gained a half game on first place during their rain delay -- in a game the was eventually postponed -- when the Tigers lost.

“We have the chance right now to go easy seven behind or stay fighting with them,” said Guillen, who admitted that he has not talked with Williams on the subject lately. “These couple of games are going to make the front office decision. Are we going to move forward or what are we going to do?

“I don’t blame anyone about the decisions they are going to make. They don’t see the team get what we want to get, then that’s the chance to do something. But that’s not my department. It happens everywhere. It’s why I keep saying we have to play good for the next couple of weeks because I want to keep this same ballclub and take a shot.”