Williams encourages Beckham

Sox GM Kenny Williams had this bit of advice for struggling second baseman Gordon Beckham.

“I spoke to him and I asked him to do one thing for me,” Williams said. “Go back to being the Gordon Beckham of last year. I asked him to go back to his setup of last year, free his hands up, take his hacks and not worry about contact as much as taking a good swing and driving the ball. He’s looked a lot better.”

Williams was asked if there was a chance Beckham would be sent to the minor leagues if he continues to struggles.

“He’ll have to work his issues out here, at least for the near future,” Williams said.

Beckham told me during batting practice that Williams approached him on Sunday. He was relieved to hear that, for the time being, he wasn’t being sent back to Triple-A. The No. 1 pick out of Georgia in 2008, responded with his first extra-base hit in 112 at-bats Wednesday night – a double in the Sox’s 7-run fourth inning.

Ozzie Guillen’s observations on Beckham when asked if he should be returning to the minors to get his swing back:

It’s not like the other guys are hitting the ball so good,” he said. “He’s worked hard to try to get better. He fights and he’s had some good at-bats.”


  • Previewing the White Sox-Cubs series I asked the Sox’s skipper why there seems to be so little buzz about this weekend’s series at Wrigley.

    “Two reason: two very bad teams and the Blackhawks,” Guillen said. “I take that back, two good teams not playing well.”