Yankees beat Sox's Danks at own game

CHICAGO -- John Danks went into attack mode Tuesday, the only problem was that the New York Yankees attacked back.

Danks, who had been pitching better than anybody in the White Sox rotation, was stunned early as Mark Teixeira and Russell Martin drilled him for home runs and the Yankees went on to an easy 6-0 rain-shortened victory that was called after the top of the seventh inning.

Danks had been 4-0 with a 0.98 ERA over his last six starts, but the Yankees’ patented patient approach got him this time.

“It’s not even their full lineup,” Danks said. “They are missing [Alex Rodriguez] and guys like that. You know, the goal was to attack them and throw strikes and make them hit the ball and they did. What can you do?”

The strategy has helped Danks to emerge from an 0-8 start this season so he will continue to use it. It’s just not working so well against the Yankees as he dropped to 0-2 in his last three starts against them with an 8.22 ERA.

His final two innings were scoreless, but by then the damage had been done.

“I was doing the same thing,” Danks said about his improved results. “I was attacking and doing what I wanted to do. I was just getting better results for whatever reason. That’s part of it. It obviously wasn’t what I wanted, but in terms of gameplan and my thoughts going into the game, I did what I wanted to.”