Sox: Home cooking hasn't been tasty

BALTIMORE – There are plenty of theories as to why the White Sox aren’t playing well at home from Adam Dunn and Alex Rios to the cold, the heat and the fact that the home team gets booed so much, which brings the argument back to Dunn and Rios.

Whatever the reason the White Sox had better reverse the trend soon, especially since they open a nine-game homestand on Friday. The White Sox are just 24-32 at home and lost the last six there before heading out on the current road trip.

“Well, I’m concerned because we are going to have a lot of games back home and we don’t turn this thing around, at the end of the season we are going to suffer,” manager Ozzie Guillen said. “I think we have to go there and relax and start playing better and start winning games there. You win a couple of games there and you start to build confidence at home.”

The White Sox are, in fact, the only team in baseball with a winning record on the road (33-27 before play Thursday) and a losing one at home. Their 64 home runs at home projects out to 93 over the course of the season. Last year, though, the White Sox hit 111.

The White Sox are also on pace for 302 runs this year after scoring 403 last year.

“That ballpark in Chicago runs pretty small in the summer and I think hopefully we take advantage in all we got left,” Guillen said. “I’m surprised. I think everybody in the lineup besides a few guys can hit the ball out of the ballpark. We have people who can put some numbers out there. Right now, they aren’t doing it.”