Morel flexing his muscles in September

CHICAGO -- If there was a bright spot in the mess that was the Chicago White Sox's 14-4 defeat to the Detroit Tigers on Monday, it was the performance of Brent Morel.

The rookie third baseman hit a pair of home runs for the second time in four days and five of his seven home runs have come in September.

It’s shades of his first major-league action last year, when he got some playing time and turned that into three September home runs.

“Well, he’s swung the bat pretty good last 15 games, I want to say,” manager Ozzie Guillen said. “It’s nice to see when a kid goes out there and performs that way and put himself in a nice position to hopefully finish strong and have a good year for himself.”

Not expected to deliver much offense this year, Morel’s power numbers were indeed held in check. But now that the White Sox have slipped out of contention, he seems to have turned things loose somewhat at the plate.

“A little bit,” he said in agreement with the concept. “[But] I think it’s just more confidence and trusting my swing a little bit, just developing an approach. I’ve been working more but not really trying to do anything different. I’m just trying to let it happen.”

After what he has shown, Morel doesn’t figure to get a chance to simply contribute with his glove next season. It’s obvious he has decent power. The trick will be to have the confidence to turn his swing loose a lot earlier in 2012.

“I’m just trying to go out there and finish strong and have a strong month to get some momentum going into next year,” he said.