Sox take their lumps in winning nightcap

CLEVELAND -- Chicago White Sox hitters were used for target practice in Tuesday’s doubleheader, and it could add some energy to two games this week that otherwise lacked spice.

Alexei Ramirez was hit in both games of Tuesday’s doubleheader against the Cleveland Indians, while Paul Konerko was hit in the left hip by Zach Putnam during the seventh inning of the second game. Gordon Beckham was hit in the ninth inning of the second game, getting plunked in the back by reliever Josh Judy.

The right-handed Judy actually hit Beckham and Ramirez in succession during the ninth inning of the second game. He was the pitcher who ended Brent Lillibridge’s season when the White Sox utility man was hit in the right hand and fractured a bone.

“Well I know how Brent feels because I almost had the same thing happen last year,” Beckham said. “A guy on Cleveland’s team almost knocked me out; well basically he did for the last month.”

Beckham was hit in the hand late last season by Indians pitcher Frank Hermann. He tried to play through the pain but eventually had to shut things down for the season.

“It’s frustrating to get hit,” Beckham said. “Obviously the guy [Judy] has some control issues. I don’t think he was trying to hit Brent. I don’t think he was trying to hit us. I just think it happened that way unfortunately.”

Konerko seemed especially peeved, calling it a “[expletive] joke,” as he took off the shin guard he wears when he hits. Ramirez slammed his bat to the ground when he was hit for the second time on the day.

The White Sox did not retaliate, but that might have been more a product of the one-run lead they were trying to protect. Chris Sale closed out the victory and picked up his seventh save without throwing a threatening pitch.

“Obviously, I was upset, but in the meanwhile, I don’t think they were throwing at them,” manager Ozzie Guillen said. “It’s a bunch of kids coming from the minor leagues, and you can’t do nothing about it. Just run to first base and go get the trainer, that’s all you can do. I doubt they throw at them.”

Veteran Mark Buehrle starts Wednesday’s game for the White Sox. Not only is he not a hard thrower but he still needs 7 2/3 innings to reach 200 this season and would be risking ejection if he hit a batter. Buehrle is closing in on his 11th season with double-digit victories, 200 innings and 30 starts. He has one more start remaining after Wednesday.