Williams' version of why Cora isn't on bench

CHICAGO -- The Chicago White Sox mutually agreed with bench coach Joey Cora that he didn’t have to attend the final two games of the season, but he was not fired via text as has been reported.

That’s how general manager Kenny Williams described the situation as Don Cooper was named interim manager for the last two games in the wake of Ozzie Guillen’s departure following Monday’s game.

“What happened was that I texted him that he was not managing,” Williams said. “I had heard that someone had told him he was managing today’s game. So I texted him this morning: ‘Don Cooper is managing the game, but if you’d like to talk, stop by my office on the way in.’ He asked me via text if that meant he didn’t have to come to the ballpark.”

At that point, Williams said he picked up the phone and called Cora.

“We had a conversation that we mutually agreed [since] he is likely to go with Ozzie it would have been, in his words, awkward for him to be here,” Williams said. “So I said, ‘That’s not a problem. I get it. Good luck.’ We exchanged pleasantries and that was the end of it. A three-minute conversation.”

Cora is expected to be a part of Guillen’s staff when Guillen is announced as the new Florida Marlins manager. That announcement is expected to come Wednesday.