Sox players react to Guillen's departure

CHICAGO -- Chicago White Sox players reacted with shock over Ozzie Guillen’s departure not because it happened, but because of when it came.

Most players seemed to believe that Guillen wouldn't return next year, but they didn’t think the move would come until the end of the season. Guillen gathered White Sox players in the clubhouse before Monday’s game and made an emotional announcement that it would be his last game.

Paul Konerko and A.J. Pierzynski both stayed late Monday to discuss Guillen’s departure. Other players were asked about it Tuesday.

  • Gordon Beckham, on whether the players feel responsible that he is no longer with the club: “Well, pretty much. If we play well, he’s still here. That’s the name of the game in anything. If you don’t play well, you don’t stick around. You only get so many chances and we failed him. It just didn’t work, we just didn’t play well. He wasn’t out there winning games or losing games for us, he can only manage what he’s got and we didn’t play well. We didn’t play well enough, so you have to look at the players before you look at anything else.”

  • Carlos Quentin, on whether or not Guillen’s outgoing persona played well in the clubhouse: “Different guys perceive Ozzie differently, especially outside the clubhouse he’s seen a little differently. Everyone in here was comfortable with who Ozzie was and going around and he loves to talk. He gives you guys plenty of material. Me personally, I got along really well with Ozzie. He talked a lot to me. I listened a lot. But like I said, he let me go out and play. I’ll always thank him for that with just who I am as a player. He understood that and that was big for me.”

  • Omar Vizquel, on being the only player to attend Guillen’s farewell press conference after Monday’s game: “I just went there to support the whole Ozzie family and the legend that he left here in Chicago. It’s important for the Venezuelan people to kind of stick together. There’s a few guys here covering what could be my last couple of games here in Chicago or in baseball, either way. And we wanted to listen from his own world, from his own mouth, what was going on and what was the future. For me it was kind of like being supporting of him to be right next to him at that moment.”