Alex Rios hopes to right himself this season

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- That Alex Rios is among a handful of Chicago White Sox players looking to have a bounce back season is a given. Everyone can agree on that.

But whether or not Rios gets his wish of which outfield position he’ll play isn’t so clear. Rios stated his preference, but seemed hesitant to do so.

“Um, I have played right and center,” Rios said on Saturday. “I’ve never played left [very much]. I like center and right because those are the ones I’ve played. I think I played left last year. It’s different. It’s different. Center and right is different than left. We’ll see what happens.”

As of now, Dayan Viciedo is slated for right field while Alejandro De Aza is in center. Rios has played mostly center field since joining the White Sox in 2009. Manager Robin Ventura said Rios can expect to play multiple spots in the outfield.

“We’re still going through that," Ventura said. "I know he’s played right field, center field. Kind of how that matches up, there’s no concrete thing to it. Guys will just have to be open to moving around and do what’s best for the team. That’s what we have to go with, and guys have to be flexible.”

Rios is also looking to have a rebound season at the plate, where he hit a career-worst .227 last season despite finishing with a solid September. He said he watched a lot of film from the 2006 and 2007 seasons, when he drove in more than 80 runs in each season. But Rios wasn’t about divulge what he was able to take from those film sessions.

“Everything I talk about, the good things that I’m working on, I feel like, I’m very superstitious,” Rios admitted. “Every time I say something, I feel like everything I’ve done goes away. Like I said, I picked some little things that I can bring back and, yeah, that’s it.”