Q&A: Dunn talks about interviews, X-Box

If Adam Dunn hits a home run, there's no reason to ask him how he's feeling after the game. Rob Grabowski/US Presswire

I caught up with Adam Dunn and talked about being interviewed and his tough 2011 season.

What is the dumbest question that you have been asked?

Adam Dunn: It is always pretty funny when people ask you after a game ‘How do you feel.' Ok, I just hit a home run and we won. What I am I going to say, 'I feel bad?' You can be more creative than that, but that's ok.

What do you enjoy talking about?

AD: From the time you are a young athlete you get asked the same sports questions. I kind of like questions outside the box like this one . After 200 games, questions about the game become a little old. Still I'm lucky to be in this position like this and know that people still care what I think.

On the 2011 season ...

AD: You would have thought that I had a contagious disease the way people hesitated to talk to me. That bothered me because I pride myself on being the same guy and good teammate win or lose. I am an approachable person.

What is a good time for you when you have some time to yourself?

AD: X-Box is always fun for me. I'm into ‘Call to Duty' right now. Please don't ask about movies, as a family we don't go. Football is fun to watch. I'm a Texans fan.