Q&A: Konerko on Buehrle, Camp Ventura

Paul Konerko enters his 14th season with the White Sox. Jake Roth/US Presswire

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Paul Konerko has been an iconic player for the Chicago White Sox since 1999. I sat down with the “King” for a quick Q&A session.

Who is your favorite teammate of all time?

PK: A lot of guys come to mind but Mark Buehrle would have to be my final answer if you are holding me to one player. We were together for a long time, over 12 years as a matter of fact. Great pitcher and even better person.

Funniest teammate?

PK: That question is a little easier. Ross Gload always would make me laugh. He had a real dry sense of humor and his locker was next to mine. James Baldwin was hilarious in a different way you can’ t really talk about, but really in your face. Ross never smiles or laughs; he is total deadpan with his delivery.

How does Camp Ventura differ from the Guillen years?

PK: It’s been very good -- well run. I’d say a little more work on the fields and in drills, a little more sweat going on. Robin and the new coaches are well prepared. I have not seen any glaring mistakes that you might expect with a first-year staff.

Who is in charge of staring into the stands now that Ozzie is gone?

PK: It has to be a pitcher because they have so much down time between starts. My candidates are Jake (Peavy) or (John) Danks, but nobody can see everything like Ozzie did.

If you were Commissioner for a day what would you change about baseball?

PK: I would cut it down to 150-game season. They made a lot of changes in the past 20 years and that one would give every team at least one day off a week. I know that changes the gates and changes the money, but the players would be better rested and you may see a better product going down the stretch. You might see people more into it if it was not so smothering each day.