After start, Sale's arm feels strong

CHICAGO -- The slow start to Chris Sale’s outing on Saturday night was much less significant than the pitcher’s arm strength and general health on Sunday.

“It is usually Day 2 and how you feel after a start,” said Sale on Sunday. “I feel as good as I have all season, so the credit goes to our training and medical staff who have worked have on keeping me strong and flexible.”

Sale is on target to pitch again Thursday in Anaheim against the Angels.

“Learning how to deal with the process of having a minor injury was something new for me and beginning with the front office people and all the support staff I have been lucky to know they all have my best interest in mind,” Sale said.

Sale admits learning more about the art of pitching and conditioning will be key factors to future success.

“The thing you learn in this organization is that you can have a voice in what goes on,” Sale said. However, you have to trust these people who have had so much success in keeping players on the field and staying productive.”

The White Sox’s young left-hander is grateful for the open-minded way Ken Williams and the staff allowed him to stand up for himself and stay in the rotation.

“It was a fine line of showing them the respect as my superiors and standing up for what I expect from myself ,” he said. “Becoming the pitcher I want to be and being a good teammate are things I feel strongly about , and Kenny let me express that.”

After hearing how Williams, as a player, had a similar face-to-face with his GM Larry Himes in 1987, Sale had a different perspective.

“Hearing that helps me understand where (Williams ) comes from even more than before,” Sale said. “He is a very fiery person who has a lot of passion for what he does . As a competitive person myself, I can relate to his competitiveness. I didn’t know that about his past but hearing that really helps me in the process seeing that he has been there before.

Williams’ debate with Himes and manager Jim Fregosi did not end as well as Sale’s meeting .Williams was told he was being sent to the minors after an aborted attempt to make him a third baseman had failed . Williams threw one chair at the wall in Fregosi’s office, and another 10 feet out of the room before making his way to Triple-A .