Chicago White Sox: Aaron Nola

Sox won't get comfortable picking No. 3

June, 5, 2014
Jun 5
Padilla By Doug Padilla
Aaron NolaCrystal LoGiudice/USA TODAY SportsLSU right-hander Aaron Nola could be an option for the White Sox with the third pick in the draft.
Thank you for the No. 3 pick in Thursday night's draft. Hope to never see you here again.

That would be the Chicago White Sox's sentiment heading into Major League Baseball's First-Year Amateur Draft on Thursday night. Their high selection spot is relative to their 99-loss season from a year ago, but offseason changes have already shown that they aren't likely to select this high next year.

The White Sox weren't trying to trade a bad season for a high draft pick this year, but since they're here, was it good timing to see their won-loss record go south in 2013?

The answers to that particular query seem to contradict. While the 2014 baseball draft class seems more talented than in recent years (good), the newest collective bargaining agreement, which went into place in 2012, is believed to have watered down the college junior class this year (bad).

(Players can be drafted after high school, but for those that enroll in college, they are not eligible to be drafted again until they are juniors.)

"Since people knew the agreement was changing, you saw a lot of kids bought out of college under the last year of that old agreement," Sox general manager Rick Hahn said. "In other words, this year's (would-be) college juniors, many of them were signed as high school seniors with over slot deals. ... It's not a shock. We knew this would happen with the change in the agreement."

Changes essentially put a cap on draft spending, so high school seniors in 2011 knew they had a better chance of a bigger financial score then as opposed to now.

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