Scott Carroll loses car, but gets back his old job

CHICAGO – Scott Carroll might be in the market for a new car, but at least he got back his old gig in the Chicago White Sox's bullpen.

The right-hander was called up to the major leagues Wednesday to assist a bullpen that is low on resources despite September roster additions. Monday’s 14-inning game, combined with Tuesday’s blowout loss, prompted the White Sox to add another arm.

And don’t be surprised if Carroll uses that arm to pitch in a game one moment and then to thumb a ride home the next, since his car was stolen in Chicago this summer.

Carroll admitted that he parked his car on the streets of Chicago after he was sent down to Triple-A Charlotte in early August. His hope was that he would be recalled to the White Sox when rosters initially expanded in September, so he left his car behind figuring he could pick it up later.

He received a double-whammy, though, when he was not only left off the call-up list, but then couldn’t find his car when he came to pick it up.

“[It was] stolen near Wicker Park off of Damen Avenue, so if anyone knows of a Cadillac Escalade driving around there, that would help out,” Carroll said. “I was gone in Charlotte the whole time, and it was stolen while I was gone. I came back to get my stuff and drive back home, and it was gone.”

He went as far as to give out the Missouri license plate number: UE6K0S.

Carroll said he even called tow yards, but nobody had any record of picking up his car.

“I was absolutely anticipating I was coming back,” he said. “I was disappointed to hear I wasn’t the first wave of people to be called up. But it’s part of the business, and obviously I’m glad to be back and help the team out any way I can.”

Carroll last pitched Sept. 3, when he went 3⅔ innings for Charlotte and said he could pitch as many as four or five innings immediately despite not seeing game action in nearly two weeks.