Turner not surprised by Hester's venting

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Ron Turner deals with questions surrounding his job security on a weekly basis, so Devin Hester predicting "a lot of changes" this offseason did little to rattle the Chicago Bears offensive coordinator.

"I mean that's obvious, they're going to hear that everywhere," Turner said after Wednesday's practice. "When you have a disappointing year, that's going to be the talk. They're going to hear it, we're going to hear it, and you just go about your business."

"When you're struggling, that's part of it. You can't really get caught up in all that. All you can do is continue to focus on the things you can control."

One thing Turner can't control is the Bears' reluctance to offer any sort of statement about his future. Since the front office has failed to make a public comment, the offensive coordinator receives his only feedback from coach Lovie Smith. Turner and Smith meet every Monday to discuss the state of the offense.

"Lovie comes in with us every week, no matter what happens or how the game goes, and we watch the film together," Turner said. "We watch it together as a staff, and he's in there with us. We talk about it, and we talk about what we can do, what we need to do. I have most of my talks with him."

For his part, Smith seemed annoyed by Hester's comments, but he refused to discuss any future changes within his coaching staff.

"You got to talk to Devin Hester about that. We're thinking about Baltimore," Smith said, "When you're 5-8, guys are frustrated, like we all are. I can't talk anymore than that. Devin, along with the rest of the guys, we all need to focus on Baltimore. No more than that."