Burish moving up comeback timetable

Fourth line energy guy Adam Burish moved up his timetable to return to play slightly, indicating it could happen the first week of March instead the second. Burish has been practicing with his teammates for some time now and says he’s just about there.

“From talking to the trainers, I think [it’s] some time in that first week of March,” Burish said after skating on Thursday. “Maybe [March 3] or [March 7]. A lot of dates have been thrown around, but some time in that first week.”

Burish tore the ACL in his right knee in a preseason game on Sept. 20. He is well aware another forward, the Red Wings’ Johan Franzen, did the same thing to his left knee on October 8, but returned this past Tuesday. So why the early return for Franzen and not Burish?

“He got it fixed a different way than I did,” Burish explained. “If you get it fixed a certain way, you can come back faster. Part of it was he wanted to get back before the Olympics and he wants to play there. From everything I hear, it’s not the safest to come back that early so I’m going to spend just a couple extra weeks here.

“Trust me, I asked. I said, ‘How is this guy back before me? Something is not right here.’ And they joked, ‘Some people want it more than you I guess.’ And I was like, ‘Watch your mouth.’”

While his teammates are enjoying some sun and fun on a beach during the Olympic break, Burish will be back home, in Madison, Wisconsin, putting himself through a mini-training camp. He feels like it will be the finishing touch to his return

“I’d like to go to Jamaica with the guys and go somewhere warm and get some sun,” Burish said. “[But] I’ve had a four-month break here, so I’m going to use this time to get ready.

While having spurts of success, the fourth line hasn’t been the same without Burish. He’s sure to provide a spark there and throughout the whole team.

“I hope so,” Burish said.

It’s the shortest quote the high-octane forward has ever given.