Wirtz hoping Hawks stay consistent

CHICAGO -- Blackhawks owner Rocky Wirtz gets just as frustrated as fans do when the Hawks play up and down to their opponents. The recent roller-coaster ride has included wide-margin losses (Calgary, Edmonton, Phoenix), stellar wins (Anaheim, Los Angeles, St. Louis) and nail-biting defeats (San Jose, Phoenix again).

Wirtz isn’t worried, but he wouldn’t mind getting off the ride.

“You want consistency,” Wirtz said from the Board of Governors meetings in California. “Once you start falling into bad habits, you don’t want that to set in.”

Wirtz said he’s “glad” the Hawks have salary cap room this year if the team needs to make a move, but he believes in the players wearing the letters on their jerseys.

“The makeup and leadership we have in the locker room,” he said. “They’ll get these peaks and valleys evened out in the end.”

Wirtz was in meetings Monday night when the Hawks went down 3-0 to the Phoenix Coyotes early in the second period.

“Probably the best thing was I didn’t have to watch the first period last [Monday] night,” he quipped. “I got back to my hotel room and watched he comeback. From the outside looking in we were probably lucky to get a point.”

The Hawks scored three goals in the second period but lost in a shootout. They maintain a good record at 16-8-4.

“I have great faith in what’s going on in that locker room,” Wirtz said.