Power Rankings: Clash of No. 1s not likely

April, 8, 2013
Powers By Scott Powers
It's no surprise the Chicago Blackhawks and Pittsburgh Penguins were ranked first and second again in ESPN's NHL Power Rankings on Monday.

Although they are dominant during the regular season, the Blackhawks (29-5-4, 62 points) and Penguins (29-10-0, 58 points) are unlikely to meet in the Stanley Cup if history is any indication.

Since the NHL went to a No. 1-8 conference seeding system in 1994, only once has the top seed of each conference played in the Stanley Cup when the West's Colorado Avalanche defeated the East's New Jersey Devils in 2001.

Here's a look at the every Stanley Cup since 1994 and the seeding of the teams involved:

2012: No. 8 Los Angeles Kings over No. 6 Devils
2011: No. 3 Boston Bruins over No. 1 Vancouver Canucks
2010: No. 2 Blackhawks over No. 7 Philadelphia Flyers
2009: No. 4 Penguins over No. 2 Red Wings
2008: No. 1 Red Wings over No. 2 Penguins
2007: No. 2 Anaheim Ducks over No. 4 Ottawa Senators
2006: No. 2 Carolina Hurricanes over No. 8 Edmonton Oilers
2004: No. 1 Tampa Bay Lightning over No. 6 Calgary Flames
2003: No. 2 New Jersey Devils over No. 7 Anaheim Ducks
2002: No. 1 Detroit Red Wings over No. 3 Carolina Hurricanes
2001: No. 1 Avalanche over No. 1 New Jersey Devils
2000: No. 4 Devils over No. 2 Dallas Stars
1999: No. 1 Dallas Stars over No. 7 Buffalo Sabres
1998: No. 3 Red Wings over No. 4 Washington Capitals
1997: No. 3 Red Wings over No. 3 Flyers
1996: No. 2 Avalanche over No. 4 Florida Panthers
1995: No. 5 Devils over No. 1 Red Wings
1994: No. 1 New York Rangers over No. 7 Canucks
Scott Powers is a general reporter for ESPNChicago.com. He is an award-winning journalist and has been reporting on preps, colleges and pros for publications throughout the Midwest since 1997.



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