'Del Negro Watch' opens with thud

Joakim Noah has the type of game -- and personality -- that could help lure a free agent to Chicago. Joe Murphy/Getty Images

DEERFIELD, Ill. -- Vinny Watch 2010 began with a thud. No Vinny.

As was reported Tuesday night by ESPN Chicago, the decision to fire Del Negro, or simply not employ him any longer as coach, looks like it will be finalized this weekend, at the earliest.

Del Negro, who finished his two-year turn as Bulls coach under inquisitive duress, was not seen Wednesday at the Berto Center by reporters, who passed the time by asking vague questions to tall millionaires desperate to go home.

And really, Vinny's status is the burning question after the Bulls' season ended with a 96-94 loss at Cleveland on Tuesday night.

Well, that and Joe Alexander's future with the team. But mostly Vinny, and of course, which free agents the team will pursue this summer. Only six players are signed for next year, meaning a major roster overhaul meant to turn this team into a contender.

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