White Sox claim no claim on Hoffman

White Sox GM Kenny Williams on his team

White Sox GM Kenny Williams talks about the state of his team and any chance of a late trade before September

CHICAGO -- If you believe everything White Sox general manager Ken Williams says, then the White Sox did not put in a claim on Brewers veteran reliever Trevor Hoffman.

Reports surfaced Thursday that the White Sox had the winning claim on the right-hander, but were unable to come to an agreement a deal and the Brewers pulled him off waivers, deciding to keep him.

“It didn’t [happen] by the way,” Williams said. “Don’t take that any further than you need to.”

Williams had just spent nearly a minute explaining why he wouldn’t comment on a Hoffman claim, before then saying there was none.

“I have no comment on it because if I answer that question, I’m going to give you an answer that I’m going to give you, and the next time you ask a question, and I don’t give the answer in the same form, then it will tell you what I’m doing,” Williams said. “It establishes a pattern, and you can figure me out.’’