Ozzie: Don't draft my kid as favor

June, 5, 2010
Levine By Bruce Levine
CHICAGO -- Baseball's amateur draft is on Monday and Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen's son Ozney is considered a third- or fourth-round pick in baseball's amateur draft which begins Monday.

The youngest Guillen son is a center fielder whose best tool is his overall baseball IQ. Some scouts believe Ozney will hit for power. Unlike his father, Ozney is built like the classic power hitter: 6 foot 2, 190 pounds at age 18.

Guillen already has accepted a scholarship to play at South Florida. However, if he is drafted in the third round or higher, he may forgo college to begin his pro career.

I asked Ozzie if Ozney is more progressed at 18 than he was.

"I was in Triple-A when I was 19 playing with grown men," Ozzie said. "But he can play. I'm not so sure I'd like him to be drafted by the White Sox. I don't want any favors. I respect the scouts' opinion about how high or how low they have my kid. I believe that, forget about my last name; if you think he's the No. 30 pick then pick him No. 30. If you think he's the No. 2 pick, pick him No. 2 and not by his last name. I don't think he wants that either."

I asked Guillen if he is sure one way or the other if he would like the White Sox to draft his son.

"If he signs [with the White Sox] I would be with him for one month in spring training," Ozzie said. "That would also mean my wife would be there for a month. I don't think that would be a nice thing to happen."

I asked Guillen to give a scouting report.

"He's a baseball player," Ozzie said. "You have to see him everyday to like him. Some scouts think he's kind of slow, but he averages 23-25 stolen bases in a very good and competitive high school league [in Florida]. I want him to be signed by his talent. Please don't sign him as a favor."

Bruce Levine will have his White Sox and Cubs draft previews posted by Sunday afternoon. Baseball's amateur draft begins Monday night and will be staggered over three days.

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