Latest tests show Leah Still remains cancer-free, Devon Still announces

Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still can head to training camp later this week with a clear mind.

Still was informed Tuesday night by doctors treating his daughter that recent tests to detect cancer in 5-year-old Leah Still came back negative. The cancer she overcame in late March remains out of her system, and she keeps beating the serious disease that was diagnosed last June.

"Scans were stable from last time," Still posted to his Instagram account. "There was no neuroblastoma detected on the scans."

Underneath a photo of those words -- words copied from an email sent by Leah's doctors -- Still added a caption saying: "Just the email I needed heading into camp."

Earlier in the day, Still had posted a picture of Leah preparing for the tests at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, where all her treatments have taken place.

The Bengals open training camp Friday at Paul Brown Stadium. Still, a fourth-year lineman, is expected to join all other veteran players Thursday, when the entire 90-man roster reports for the new season.

When he arrives in Cincinnati, Still will be more than 20 pounds lighter than he was when he settled in Philadelphia after the season ended in January. He has said all along that Leah's fight against cancer has been motivating for him. During the ESPYS two weeks ago, he reaffirmed that in a moving speech about what he and his family have endured with the uncertainty of Leah's health the past 13 months.

"He seems like he's got a lot lifted off his shoulders," Bengals defensive coordinator Paul Guenther said during a media luncheon Tuesday afternoon in Cincinnati. "He did a tremendous job at [the ESPYS] representing himself, his daughter and the organization top-notch. When he comes back, he can concentrate on his job because there is going to be a good battle for everybody on the defensive line. We are looking for good things from him."

Still enters camp in the middle of a fight for a spot on the Bengals' defensive line. His position coach has already said Still will be judged, like other players, on merit.