Bengals mailbag part 2: Sign Dalton now?

As we mentioned Saturday, because of a great flood of questions for this weeks' Cincinnati Bengals mailbag, we've split up the mailbag into two parts.

Part 1 ran Saturday and had a heavy free-agency focus. Part 2 below has a question about this year's free agent Bengals star, but it begins with an inquiry about what should happen with arguably the biggest name in next year's large class of free agents: quarterback Andy Dalton.

Along with receiver A.J. Green and a number of well-liked veteran standouts like Domata Peko, James Harrison and Terence Newman, Dalton's contract will be expiring after the 2014 season. If they would like, the Bengals can begin negotiating his second contract in two weeks. That puts them in a bit of a dilemma, though. Do they negotiate now and end up getting him relatively cheaply, or do they wait him out until after the season, only to possibly end up paying him a lot more if he goes on to have a great fourth year?

Decisions, decisions. We start with that question: