Bengals NFL's 24th most-searched team

CINCINNATI -- Findings from ESPN's friends at FiveThirtyEight has found the Cincinnati Bengals to be the NFL's 24th most-searched team on the Google search engine. They used Google searches as a way of indicating the level of popularity for franchises in seven major American, Canadian and Mexican sports leagues.

According to the team at FiveThirtyEight, the Bengals have a 1.02 Google-search popularity rating. That's right at No. 24 for teams in the NFL, and in the middle of the pack among all the sports teams evaluated in the study. That rating also was just ahead of the Cleveland Indians' 1.01 Google-search popularity rating. The Detroit Lions and Cincinnati Reds were right behind the Indians with respective 1.00 Google-search popularity ratings.

The New York Yankees were the most-searched team of all the leagues, pulling in a 5.83 Google-search popularity rating. It also found the Browns, Jaguars, Titans, Bills and Texans were among the NFL teams less popular than the Bengals.

The researchers at FiveThirtyEight tracked the frequency each team from the seven sports leagues was searched globally on Google.

Google searches aren't the only ways popularity can be tracked, but they are one way to quickly track the interests of people across the world.

What does this all mean? Who really knows. The only place teams really care about winning is on the field.