NFL Nation TV: Did Jerry Rice cheat?

Take a listen as the NFL Nation TV crew discusses the latest in #StickumGate and how it relates to #DeflateGate in this week's podcast. Jerry Rice's admission to using Stickum during his playing days while he also bashed the New England Patriots over allegedly using deflated footballs headlines the chat.

Host Paul Gutierrez (San Francisco 49ers reporter) and co-hosts Coley Harvey (Cincinnati Bengals reporter) and Mike Wells (Indianapolis Colts reporter) were joined in that conversation and others by four other NFL Nation reporters.

David Newton (Carolina Panthers) caught the group up with the latest on Greg Hardy's dismissed domestic violence charges and how they might impact him as he enters an almost certain foray into free agency. Mike Rodak (Buffalo Bills) brought us up to speed on the Bills' decision to sign Richie Incognito, and how it's expected he'll be perceived when he steps foot in the locker room for the first time since the bullying scandal in Miami of which he was the focal point.

Terry Blount (Seattle Seahawks) and Mike Reiss (New England Patriots) shared their thoughts on the final minutes of the Super Bowl, and Pete Carroll's controversial decision to pass instead of run on second-and-goal from New England's 1.

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Listen to this week's podcast here.