Browns MailBag: What else? The draft and the quarterbacks


Back to the Browns MailBag, which this weekend is (not surprisingly) heavily tilted toward draft and quarterbacks.

Talk about getting right to it. I say this: If they can't get Marcus Mariota, I'm not convinced the Browns draft a quarterback. Perhaps Northwestern's Trevor Siemian in round seven. No inside information, just a guess.

Nothing official has come out, but word is he showed he can be a capable backup in the NFL and has work to do to be a consistent starter.

I do not believe the Browns can get into the top 10 in this draft without giving up both their first-round picks this year. That's my feeling, and I'm sticking to it.

Then they've got the best of everything. A veteran in McCown. A young quarterback in Manziel who has seized the opportunity. And another talented guy in Mariota in case of injury or other need. The negative, clearly, would be giving up the farm to get the situation, but the situation - at the most important position on the team - would be a positive.

My answer at quarterback for 2015 and probably the next two seasons now plays in Houston. The Brown chose another answer by signing Josh McCown. This year, the answer may not be there. McCown is 35. Johnny Manziel is in his second season, coming out of rehab, and has a long way to go to show he can play in the NFL. Thad Lewis is a capable backup. Connor Shaw is largely unproven. I've said all along that a trade up for Mariota is the last option that makes sense. The question is how much you give up to get him, and how that hurts the overall team. Then the question is when he's ready to play. To me the best answer right now is Mariota, but I'm not sure the Browns are willing to pay what it would take to get him.

You mean adopt the "Fail for Cardale" philosophy? If they do, what does that say to their fans about this season? That they're flushing it? No team can or should do that. That wouldn't be coy; it would be ridiculous.

He wishes.