MailBag Question(s) of the Week, Part 2: Guaranteed deals and Brett Favre


I know I said one Question of the Week each day this weekend, but the second question I received and included ... well I just had to include it.

@PatMcManamon: You're comparing the NFL salary practices to the NBA and Major League Baseball, where contracts are guaranteed. In the NFL, the players would love this idea. Imagine a six-year deal worth a reported $80 million being worth $80 million instead of it being in effect a three-year contract for $18 million. The players would leap, jump, leapfrog and high-jump to have this enacted. Conversely, the owners would fight it. I think it's a safe guess which side would win. So no, I do not see it happening.

And now ... for one of my favorite MailBag questions ever ...

@PatMcManamon: My first inclination was to dismiss this idea quickly. Then this thought popped into this lame and frail noggin: Brett Favre is only nine years older than the guy the Cleveland Browns went after in the offseason to be their guy ...

To answer more directly: Do I see Favre given a workout? Not in any scenario, no.