ESPN poll: Voters weigh in on Brian Hoyer/Johnny Manziel decision


As the Cleveland Browns coaches and front office decide if Johnny Manziel or Brian Hoyer should start Sunday against the Colts, voters on ESPN.com have cast their ballots.

  SportsNation ran a poll asking simply if Manziel or Hoyer should start. As of midday Tuesday, more than 140,000 votes had been cast.

The winner: Hoyer, with 53 percent of the vote.

That result is surprising given the impression that Manziel is the favorite of fans nationwide.

The vote is broken down by state, and Hoyer won 41 of 50 states (an overwhelming electoral result).

Manziel won Texas, and he won Ohio. But the Ohio margin shrunk over time. Monday night Manziel had 55 percent of the vote in Ohio; by midday Tuesday he had 51 percent.

Manziel’s strength came in SEC territory -- Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia voted for him. Hoyer carried Florida and 40 other states.

It’s interesting. The common perception would be that Manziel’s celebrity and first-round draft pick status would earn him the popular edge.

But in this vote and this poll, it didn’t.

Hoyer is the popular choice.

(Comments on the poll can be found at the link.)