Gordon needed to make fourth-down catch

Browns coach Rob Chudzinski addressed the non-catch by Josh Gordon on fourth down in the fourth quarter of the Cleveland Browns' loss in Green Bay.

Chudzinski challenged his player, but also defended him, saying the problem was technique and not effort.

"He went up for it," Chudzinski said of the pass Gordon let hit his chest in a key situation. "He tried to body-catch it more so than high-pointing it. Those are some technique things that we can work with him on.

"I've seen him make great catches before, and he's going to make more from here on out."

Gordon is emblematic of where the Browns are right now. Struggling, inconsistent ... with much focus paid to Brandon Weeden, the rest of the team has issues -- on offense and defense.

The Browns didn't act last week like a team that had won three of four, and they're sure not acting or feeling like a team that is only one game below .500.

But as Willis McGahee said in the locker room on Monday, the Browns aren't good enough to not have everyone contribute to the best of their abilities.

Gordon has elite talent and wants to be an elite receiver, but he didn't make elite effort on that pass. Had he extended and gone up with his hands -- what Chudzinski called "high-pointing" -- he probably comes down with the catch, or at least keeps the defender from being able to make a play on it. Because he didn't, what could have been a big play while the game was still close went by the wayside.

His coach recognized that fact.

"Josh wants to be an elite receiver in this league," Chudzinski said, "and those are the types of plays that you have to find a way to make."

True, that.