That's so Browns: Johnny Manziel and the Houston Texans

This week, as rumors circulated about the fate of Johnny Manziel, Brian Hoyer prepared to quarterback the division-winning Houston Texans in the playoffs against Kansas City.

Hoyer was discarded by the Cleveland Browns after last season even though he was the only winning quarterback the team has had since 1999. The Browns decided on Josh McCown over Hoyer in part because of the team's commitment to Manziel; the Browns felt McCown would be a good mentor.

Manziel has recently gone silent amid many wild rumors about his whereabouts last weekend, which included a trip to Las Vegas the night before -- according to a USA Today report -- and the day of the team's game against Pittsburgh. His odds of having a future with the Browns are less than minuscule.

Hoyer is in the playoffs and will start Saturday against the Chiefs. He missed games with two concussions and was pulled from the season opener because of his coach's impatience. But Bill O'Brien eventually told the team he made a mistake and recommitted to Hoyer. He finished with 19 touchdowns, seven interceptions, 2,606 yards and a 91.4 rating in nine starts.

His backup? Brandon Weeden. Another former first-round pick of (naturally) the Browns. When Hoyer was out for a key game with a concussion against the Colts, Weeden took over when T.J. Yates was hurt and threw the game-winning touchdown pass in a win the Texans had to have.

While Manziel was apparently in Vegas, Hoyer won the division-clinching game in the finale. Afterward, Weeden posted this picture on Instagram and labeled it "Division Champs."

Division Champs. @houstontexans

A photo posted by Brandon Weeden (@bweeden3) on

Saturday the Browns will continue interviews as they hire their sixth coach in the past eight years. The hire will help determine Manziel's future with the team.

The same day, Hoyer, Weeden, the Texans and Houston will enjoy a home playoff game.

Yes -- that's so Browns.