Best for everyone that Browns part ways with Johnny Manziel

Polian: Manziel doesn't deserve consideration from Browns (0:53)

Bill Polian reacts to reports that newly acquired Browns coach Hue Jackson wants the organization to move on from QB Johnny Manziel. (0:53)

It will be the best thing for everyone when the Cleveland Browns part ways with Johnny Manziel.

For the organization, for new coach Hue Jackson and for Manziel himself.

A fresh start for all involved is optimal for all involved.

The Browns have dealt with Manziel mania and drama for two years. It dragged the team down and provided constant distraction. The fact that Manziel ended two seasons in a row by missing scheduled meetings about an injury and a concussion should be enough for any team.

Manziel created intrigue from the day he was drafted. Too often it was for the wrong reasons. He attempted to address issues after his rookie season when he spent 10 weeks in rehab from January through April, and he was able to stay out of the public spotlight for some time.

But when the wrong reasons started to crop up again late in the season, it wore on everyone with the team. The Browns had supported and stood by Manziel when he went through treatment. They ended the season answering questions about whether he was in Las Vegas for the final weekend.

For the organization, it's time.

It's also time for the new coach to have a clean slate. Jackson does not need to inherit past issues. He already made it clear in his interview he felt it was best for the Browns to move on.

It makes sense he begins with his quarterback. He could select one with the second pick in the draft. He could consider a guy like Robert Griffin III. He could swing a trade for Bengals backup AJ McCarron. He could look anywhere.
 But a new coach deserves his guy and his players -- and especially his quarterback.

He doesn't deserve the drama and baggage Manziel brings.

A new team would give Manziel a chance to show a new attitude and approach. He has talent as a quarterback, but he has question marks on and off the field.

His actions for the finale and his silence in the weeks since the season ended seem to indicate he's ready to move on.

There are many who think his trip to Vegas -- as reported by USA Today -- was one final thumb-your-nose action at the Browns and former coach Mike Pettine.

Only Manziel can answer that question, and he has not talked since the week before the 15th game of the season.

Manziel could well go to another team and succeed. He'll have to make drastic changes in his approach to do so, but it could happen.

If it does, so be it.

Manziel has worn out his Cleveland welcome, and Cleveland seems to have worn out Manziel.

A fresh start is the best thing for everyone.