A 'That's So Browns' look at team's 2015 season

We would be remiss if we did not take one last look at the 2015 Cleveland Browns season, chronologically and more importantly from a "That's So Browns" point of view.

We know … the day will come when "That's So Browns" will be a distant memory, and that will be a good thing.

But today, it's alive and well and simply can't be ignored.

In that spirit, we take one last look back at a season not to remember.

Aug. 1 — Jimmy Haslam says at training camp: "We're not going to blow it up, OK?" This statement, of course, refers to the low expectations for the Browns even at that early point. Haslam, though, said the Browns were "directionally correct." He blew it up. "That's so Browns" ranking: 8.

Sept. 13 — Josh McCown leads a masterful first drive of his Browns career against the Jets, but on third down tries to run into the end zone, is hit and helicoptered in the air. McCown fumbles, New York recovers, and McCown's day is done due to a concussion. One drive and done. Ranking: 8

Oct. 2 — Dwayne Bowe says this: "Once I hit the field running, you guys will love it." Bowe finishes the season with five catches and $9 million in guaranteed money. Ranking: 6.

Oct. 4 — San Diego misses a game-winning, last-play field goal but gets a second chance when the Browns are flagged for being offside. The Chargers make the kick, and the Browns lose. Ranking: 9.

Nov. 3 — GM Ray Farmer meets the media and promises his seat is no hotter than the day he was hired. As he speaks, sweat pours down his forehead — to the point he is given a towel to wipe himself dry. Ranking: 8.

Nov. 7 — Johnny Manziel has a four-week period where he is questioned by police in a domestic/driving incident near his home, then parties in College Station, Texas, two days after a loss to the Bengals. In that time he goes from backup to the starting quarterback for two games. Ranking: 6.

Nov. 15 — The Browns face Pittsburgh with Ben Roethlisberger sidelined with a foot injury. In the first quarter, the Browns knock Landry Jones out of the game, forcing Roethlisberger in. He throws for 379 yards and wins — and the Browns become the team that took Roethlisberger off the bench and put him on the field. Ranking: 8.

Nov. 17 — Manziel is named the starter for the rest of the season. Social media video of Manziel partying in Texas the previous weekend surfaces six days later. Manziel lies to the coaches about the timing of the video and tells friends to lie as well. The next day Manziel loses the starting job. Ranking: 8.

Nov. 30 — Travis Coons' field goal to beat Baltimore on a Monday night is blocked and returned for a touchdown, giving the Ravens the win. It's the first blocked kick for a game-winning score in 30 years, but the 22nd time since 1999 the Browns had lost on the last play of the game. Numerous videos of anguished fans flood social media. Ranking: 10.

Dec. 7 — Five days after Austin Davis is named the starter against Cincinnati, Manziel is named the starter for the next game against San Francisco. This marks the fifth week in a row the Browns have put out a news release announcing the name of their starting quarterback. Ranking: 8

Jan. 3 — Manziel is supposed to be in the NFL concussion protocol, but he's seen in Las Vegas the night before and day of the Browns' season finale. He misses a treatment for his concussion Sunday morning. As late as Sunday night, the Browns were unable to locate or contact him. 9.

Jan. 3 — The Browns continue a tradition, losing to Pittsburgh and firing their coach after the loss. It's the fifth time the Steelers/firing scenario took place since 2008. Ranking: 9.