Browns fans pledge to Johnny Manziel-free February on Twitter

It takes a lot for Cleveland Browns fans to lose patience.

So it might mean something that a movement started Sunday on Twitter aimed at getting folks to pledge to a "Johnny-Free February," meaning a month with no mention of Johnny Manziel's name.

The goal, as stated by Twitter user and movement founder @reflog_18, was "not to tweet, retweet or mention Manziel in February, or until he is no longer a Cleveland Brown."

The Twitter user posted early Monday that there "are now over 1000 participants (listed + @Chat_CST pledges) in the @Browns silent movement in Cleveland." At midnight Sunday, the hashtag for Johnny-Free February (#JFF) was the eighth-highest trending item on Twitter in Cleveland.

Of course the very boycott itself led to stories about him, which of course mentioned Manziel's name.

But the feeling was clear: These fans were weary the constant drama that Manziel brings and the many off-field stories about him. The last straw seemed to be the weekend story that an ex-girlfriend called police and claimed Manziel had assaulted her in Fort Worth, Texas, and that she feared for his well-being, which led police to search for him with a helicopter.

The entire Johnny-Free February effort led to some interesting tweets: