Art Briles: Robert Griffin III 'desperate' to make it work with Browns

Art Briles says Robert Griffin III will work hard to justify Hue Jackson's belief in him. Brendan Maloney/USA TODAY Sports

Baylor coach Art Briles feels the urgency from Heisman-winning quarterback Robert Griffin III in wanting to flourish in Cleveland.

Briles told ESPN that he's not sure "humbled" is the right word for Griffin after his four-year Washington stint but that a stronger word probably fits.

"I think there's some desperation going on," Briles said. "He's desperate. Cleveland is desperate. That's a good thing."

Last week the Browns signed Griffin to a two-year, $15 million deal, which is less than most NFL starting quarterbacks earn but enough to take seriously the Browns' temptations to start him Week 1 under first-year coach Hue Jackson.

The Browns, of course, have the No. 2 overall pick and could select quarterback Carson Wentz or Jared Goff.

Jackson is the catalyst for Griffin's hopeful second chapter as an NFL quarterback. The Cleveland coach believes in Griffin, Briles said.

"It comes down to he likes Hue," Briles said. "If you're his guy and you believe in him, [Griffin] will work hard to make it work for you."

Briles said the built-in chemistry with former Baylor receiver Josh Gordon -- who served a yearlong suspension but could be reinstated by the league this offseason -- will help Griffin.

But the quarterback must rely on more than familiarity to succeed.

"He's had eight lives. This is nine," Briles said. "At this stage of his career, it didn't fit. What comes with that is the reality of, 'I have to do it this way or it's not going to happen.'"