First and 10: Tanney and Hanie time?

As the Browns stumble to the finish line, we present yet another First and 10:

  1. So it’s come to this. The Browns have two concussed quarterbacks, and they signed Caleb Hanie this morning, a guy they didn’t sign a week ago because they signed Alex Tanney. Neither have played a down for the Browns. Hanie has 116 career passes, three touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Tanney has never thrown a pass in his pro career, though he can hit a moving truck pretty well.

  2. Nothing is certain at this point. The Browns are hunkered down on “game plan day,” so they’re not releasing anything on the medical condition of Brandon Weeden or Jason Campbell except to say both have to be cleared by an independent doctor before they can practice. But the mere fact they signed Hanie indicates there is doubt, which makes Tanney-Hanie a clear possibility in New England on Sunday.

  3. Tanney-Hanie (potentially) against Bill Belichick. And Tom Brady. Wonder who gets the edge in the weekly matchup list. Yes ... it has come to this.

  4. Even if Weeden and Campbell are cleared, there’s always doubts about a guy returning from a concussion. Especially a quarterback who has to make fast decisions with a lot flying around him. A guy recently concussed might have issues with that part of the game.

  5. It’s reminiscent of Troy Aikman many years ago landing on his head for Dallas in the Championship Game against San Francisco. That’s the game Bernie Kosar finished the year he was cut by the Browns. Two weeks later, Aikman said he was fine, but he was not his usual self in the Super Bowl. The next season he admitted the effects from the concussions lingered.

  6. This quarterback situation is reminiscent of 2008, when Romeo Crennel had to start Ken Dorsey and Bruce Gradkowski in the final few games. It didn’t go well.

  7. Weeden had an absolutely awful final 2:30 of the first half, but let’s not junk the rest of his game because of two minutes. The turnovers count, they absolutely count, but at game’s end he had 370 yards and three touchdown -- which by most measures is a pretty good game. The turnovers were bad, though, so if a grade were forced it’d be a C-minus.

  8. Nobody can say Browns fans don’t have a great sense of humor. The latest example: A series of Cleveland Browns Christmas carols from an angry Browns fan on YouTube. It’s appropriate, and appropriately funny. My favorite: “Way up in your box Jimmy H ... Do you see what I see?”

  9. In my day, Browns Christmas Carols were a lot more fun. Like the Twelve Days of a Cleveland Browns Christmas. “Dave Logan leaping ... Brian Sipe a-passing.” Shame those days were, oh, 30 years ago.

  10. The Tanney-Hanie act. Say it out loud. Again. Got it? Now admit it -- it really sounds more like a law Congress passed in the 1840s, doesn’t it?